Rockbridge Vineyard (RBX - the Rockbridge Xperience) is creatively building bridges to unite diverse communities and families under Christ. Rockbridge is a local Christian church in Saticoy / East Ventura and part of the Association of Vineyard Churches. Click here to read our Mission Statement.

Rockbridge Vineyard began in 2021. We exist to help young people and families connect and grow through the power of the Spirit.

We recognize and celebrate the cultural identity, value, beauty, and dignity of diverse peoples, especially those that live in the lonely spaces between cultures (i.e., Latino/a & Anglo-American; to experience fullness of identity in Jesus.

From small acts of goodwill and practical support, to connecting with other leaders and charitable organizations that help the community, we get involved in our neighborhoods and give back to the community. 

Our activities

We organize various activities throughout the calendar year.

Weekly Small Groups

Held at homes or online, our groups meet to pray, worship, and study. We do not discriminate and are open to everyone.

Special Gatherings
Alpha Course
Bethel Sozo

Our community organizes various events, from Christmas celebrations to Easter festivities and Thanksgiving prayers.

Sozo means saved, healed, delivered. Rockbridge hosts sessions of personal prayer by appointment through partnership with the Bethel Sozo ministry.

Online or in person, the Alpha Course meets periodically to have authentic conversations about life, faith, and meaning.

We know you want to Xperience what's real and true at RBX.

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